101+ Gk Questions With Answers In English 2024

So friends, students and dear readers, today we are going to talk about Gk Questions With Answers in English. There are lots of question givers which are going to strengthen your GK a lot.

And you will also start considering yourself a little knowledgeable, that is, you know something or the other, you will feel a little proud of yourself that we did not even know about such a basic question, now we have come to know.

Gk Questions With Answers In English
Gk Questions With Answers In English

If you guys want to strengthen your gk, then scroll down and read all the gk questions, you will enjoy reading it, even if it seems like a simple question answer, but it is also important for you, if you do not know the answer to this simple question. So how embarrassed you can be.

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Gk Questions With Answers In English

Q.1 the origin of the name Bharat is related to which majestic king of ancient times
Answer: Bharat Chakraborty

Q.2 the mountain situated on the northern border of India is?
Answer: Himalayas

Q.3 Which is the largest city of India?
Answer: Mumbai

Q.4 India’s largest tunnel Jawaharlal Tunnel is located in which state?
Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

Q.5 Which is the largest state of India?
Answer: Rajasthan

Q.6 by what name is the Eastern seaboard of India known?
Answer: Coromandel coast

Q.7 How many states are there in India?
Answer: 28

Q.8 the line dividing India and Pakistan is called?
Answer: Redcliffe Line

Q.9 Which is the longest river of India?
Answer: Ganga

Q.10 the Southernmost point of India is?
Answer: Indira point

Q.11 Which is the widest river of India?
Answer: Brahmaputra

Q.12 What is the length of the coastline of India?
Answer: 7,516.6 km

Q.13 Which is the longest dam in India?
Answer: hirakund Dam

Q.14 The most important source of energy in India is?
Answer: Coal

Q.15 the longest tunnel in India?
Answer: Chenani Nashri Tunnel

Q.16 silent valley is situated?
Answer: Kerala

Q.17 the tallest statue of India is?
answer: statue of unity

Q.18 the river valley which is called as Ruhr of India?
Answer: Damodar

Q.19 When was the first woman’s University established in India?
answer: 1916

Q.20 Where is India’s first iron steel company located?
Answer: Jamshedpur

Q.21 India’s first woman’s University is?
answer SNDT women’s University

Q.22 In which of the following states of India is the number of males less than females?
Answer: Kerala

Q.23 Where was India’s first woman’s University established?
answer: Mumbai

Q.24 Which city is called Boston of India?
Answer: Ahmedabad

Q.25 Who was the first Indian woman to get a gold medal in Asian games?
Answer: Kamaljit Sandhu

Q.26 Who was the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest?
answer: bachendri pal

Q.27 Which river is called The Ganges of South India?
Answer: Godavari

Q.28 who was the first woman IPS of India answer: Kiran Bedi

Q.29 Who was the third President of India, who died during his office?
Answer: Dr. Zakir Hussain

Q.30 Who was the first woman governor of India?
Answer: Sarojini Naidu

Q.31 the British governor general who started the postal system in India was?
Answer: lord Dalhousie

Q.32 Who was the first woman judge of the supreme court?
answer: Fatima biwi

Q.33 Where is the headquarter of the atomic energy regulatory board?
Answer: Mumbai

Q.34 Who was the first and last governor general of independent India?
Answer: C. Rajagopalachari

Q.35 Which state is the largest producer of wind power in India?
Answer: Tamilnadu

Q.36 Who became the first prime minister of India?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

Q.37 Which game most popular sport in India?
Answer: Cricket

Q.38 When did Jawaharlal Nehru become the first prime minister of India?
answer: 15 August 1947

Q.39 national song of India is?
Answer: Vande Mataram

Q.40 who become the first woman prime minister of India?
answer: Indira Gandhi

Q.41 Which mountain range of India is the latest?
Answer: Himalayas

Q.42 The first president of India is?
answer Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Q.43 The National anthem of India is?
Answer: Jana Gana Mana

Q.44 Who was the first Indian to receive the Nobel prize?
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

Q.45 the national flower of India is?
Answer: Lotus

Q.46 Who was the first President of Indian National Congress?
answer: Womesh Chandra Banerjee

Q.47 When was the draft of the national flag adopted by the constituent assembly of India?
Answer: 22 July 1947

Q.48 Who was the first Indian astronaut?
Answer: Rakesh Sharma

Q.49 What does the green colour of the national flag represent?
Answer: fertility, faith, and prosperity

Q.50 the first Indian woman to reach the South pole?
answer: Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu

Q.51 What is the highest peak of Aravalli mountain called?
Answer: Guru shikhar

Q.52 When was the first Indian film Raja Harishchandra produced in India?
answer: 1913

Q.53 which colour remains in the middle of the national flag tricolour of India?
Answer: White

Q.54 From which word is the English name of ‘India’ Derived?
Answer: From the word Sindhu

Q.55 What does the dark saffron color of the national flag represent?
Answer: strength and courage

Q.56 Which is the least populated state in India?
answer: Sikkim

Q.57 the first woman to receive Bharat Ratna?
Answer: Indira Gandhi

Q.58 which is the first Indian Color film?
answer: Kishan Kanhaiya

Q.59 First Sikh prime minister of India?
Answer: Dr. Manmohan Singh

Q.60 Who was the first viceroy of India?
Answer: Lord Canning

Q.61 First Indian to get Nobel prize in medicine?
Answer: Dr. Hargobind Khurana

Q.62 Which of the following is the oldest mountain range?
answer: Aravali

Q.63 Who was the first home minister of India?
answer: sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Q.64 the first woman chief minister of India?
answer: Sucheta Kriplani

Q.65 the first Indian woman cricketer to score a double century?
Answer: Mithali Raj

Q.66 Which is the largest river of India?
answer: Ganga

Q.67 Who was the first speaker of the lok sabha?
Answer: G.V. Mavalankar

Q.68 In which state of India most of the Narmada river flows?
Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Q.69 Indian first world champion in chess?
Answer: vishwanathan Anand

Q.70 first woman Loksabha speaker?
answer: Meira Kumar

Q.71 First Indian to get Nobel prize in physics?
Answer: CV Raman

Q.72 First Indian to get Nobel prize in economics?
answer: Amartya Sen

Q.73 first Indian woman to receive the Nobel prize?
Answer: Mother Teresa

Q.74 First woman doctor of India?
Answer: Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi

Q.75 which colour remains at the top of the national flag tricolor?
answer: dark saffron color

Q.76 Which colour remains at the bottom of the national flag tricolor
answer: green

Q.77 What does the white stripe of the national flag tricolor indicate?
Answer: Peace and Truth

Q.78 How many spokes are there in the tricolor wheel of the national flag?
Answer: 24

Q.79 the national bird of India is?
Answer: peacock

Q.80 the national tree of India is?
Answer: Banyan

Q.81 the national river of India is?
Answer: Ganga

Q.82 national animal of India is?
Answer: Bengal Tiger

Q.83 the national fruit of India is?
Answer: Mango

Q.84 Where is the Maximum solar energy production in India?
Answer: Rajasthan

Q.85 When was the atomic energy regulatory board established in India?
Answer: On 15 November 1983

Q.86 Who was the father of Indian cinema?
Answer: Dadasaheb Phalke

Q.87 education in India is a?
Answer: Fundamental rights

Q.88 When was the flag code of India established?
Answer: 2002

Q.89 The largest animal fair of India is held every year?
Answer: Sonepur

Q.90 Tuju pass connects India with which country?
Answer: Myanmar

Q.91 On which river bhakra is the highest dam built in India?
Answer: Sutlej

Q.92 Which state of India is known as the sugar bowl?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Q.93 Which state in India is known as the food grain store of India?
Answer: Punjab

Q.94 Where is Madurai?
Answer: Tamilnadu

Q.95 On which day is the National Science Day celebrated?
Answer: 28 February

Q.96 What is the number of sea coastline states in India?
Answer: 9

Q.97 Which lines serves to determine the boundary between India and China?
Answer: McMahon Line

Q.98 with which country India has the longest terrestrial border?
Answer: Bangladesh

Q.99 in which hemisphere is India located?
Answer: Northern hemisphere

Q.100 the Southern tip of India is?
Answer: Cape Comorin

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